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Death Blonde - Creator and Game Director   Project Site

STAR - Creator and Game Director   Project Site

Demoniaca: Everlasting Night 果てしなき夜の始まり - Creator and Game Director   Site Presskit

Still Time - PS4/PSVITA - Art Direction (2017)   Site

Unit 4 - Xbox One - Concept and Art Direction (2017) Site

Nomad - Art Direction (TBA)   Presskit

Others (Games and prototypes): Oriiro, Super0000, Camouman, Cyberserkers, Gayway, SPACE NAZI VAMP, BOKKA - Cyberslut massacre.

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· Ambitious to bring a new level of innovation
· Proactive teamworker and problem solver
· Great passion for the game development process
· Able to match the game style and quality level
· Dedicated gamer and fantasy/sci-fi geek
· Deep knowledge of architecture and design
· Art suitable for web or mobile development
· Urban planner grade (University of Florence)