A new star is falling from the sky

A medieval girl falls from the sky in a world where technology has moved on.
Bad things fall from the sky across the planet, it's time to find new friends and grab your sword in an epic adventure without frontiers.

Star Teaser

What about Star?

My name is Aki and I am an independent developer, this is a project that I have carried forward in my spare time. I'm ready to share it with you and turn this prototype into something bigger. Do you want to help me?

Star - Tech Demo Trailer


A footage taken from the first prototype of the game. This shows the basic premises of the game: story, art and gameplay.

Measure yourself in an Zelda-like combat: parry, dodge and attack.

Find your way: travel through a colorful open world without barriers.

Make new friends: compelling characters are just waiting for you.

Aonomy Feature

Discover technology: your sword will not be enough to face this new adventure.

Open your mind: find the hidden dungeons and solve all the puzzles.

Unveil the secret: investigate about the mysterious things fallen from the sky.

Sign up and give life to this world

You have the power to make this possible! I just need to know that you are interested in this game. I'm collecting 10,000 signature to gauge interest, and consider investing time and resources in this project.

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